UNIPAKHELLAS sponsors the Society and Culture at the Center of Regional Development

Organized by the Hellenic Institute of Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Development (IEA) and Lamia Report, the first business forum of its kind, titled “Society and Culture at the Center of Regional Development”, took place at the Thermopylae Historical Information Center on Saturday March 11th, 2023.

Represented by its chairman and CEO, Mr. Fayssal Frem, the General Director Mr. Kakos and the Executive Director of the Paper Mill, Mr. Bogdanos, UNIPAKHELLAS was one of the sponsors of the Thermopylae forum.

The investments made by UNIPAKHELLAS and INDEVCO Group in the region specifically, and in Greece generally, have been significant in the recent years and continue to expand and grow to further support the economy and community as highlighted during the event in the opening speech of the president of the organization committee ‘Mr. Dimitris Konstantopoulos’.

The conference covered many subjects such as the analysis of the existing world order and the new geopolitical data. The attendees and keynote speakers explored all sorts of important topics from the international trends impacting the social system, to the commitment of the state and local government in meeting citizens’ demands.

The Thermopylae forum has been a great success due to coordination of leading government ministers, Parliamentary representatives, leading business executives, and prominent speakers.