Environmental Social Governance goes hand in hand with our values and everyday we seek to find new ways to mitigate environmental and social risks within our operations. Sustainability has become a strategic priority for INDEVCO Group, in which UNIPAK belongs to.

We are committed to reduce our environmental negative impacts and identify key areas where we can have a significant positive impact. We aim to partner across the value chain for a circular economy, renewable raw materials and energy, responsible sourcing, as well as by innovating sustainable products.

INDEVCO’s raison d’être is the compass that guides the group in identifying and addressing community needs, while unleashing business opportunity and maximizing value. As members of the UN Global Compact, we are committed to providing an inclusive, quality, and safe work environment for all employees and workers with zero tolerance for discrimination.

– As manufacturers of corrugated and paper packaging, and jumbo tissue rolls, we consume paper raw materials from forests. With deforestation a key global issue, INDEVCO identified responsible paper sourcing as a material topic with boundaries including the direct impact of our tissue mills, and the impacts of our paper suppliers worldwide. Our performance is monitored through such external standards as Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) and EcoVadis CSR Scorecard audits

– INDEVCO is a multinational group with over 10,000 employees in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, the U.K., and the U.S. We have an eclectic family of employees from different nationalities, races, religions, genders, socio-economic classes, and beliefs. INDEVCO nurtures a culture of respect and diversity and inclusion. We are focused on providing equal opportunities for women and people with disabilities and providing safe and quality work.

– INDEVCO Code of Conduct prohibits acts of harassment, bullying, or any form of discrimination, and requires all employees to be treated with the same respect and rights. INDEVCO Diversity & Inclusion policy requires that all employees are respected, treated fairly, and offered equal opportunities.

– Honesty is one of INDEVCO’s core values which pushes for transparency. Our code of conduct requires employees to behave ethically and refrain from practices such as bribery. Employees are asked to report all breaches of our code of conduct and unethical and corrupt behavior to their department management or the Human Resources department. All claims are investigated and action is taken in line with the severity of the infraction. In some cases a warning may be issued, in others, termination of employment may be required. All reported incidents of corrupt behavior or breaches of the code of conduct are thoroughly investigated by our human resource department. Our legal department intervenes when legal perspective or action is necessary.

Ethics & integrity at UNIPAKHELLAS

At UNIPAKHELLAS we are working to elevate our supplier standards, as well as implement auditing and follow-up of mechanisms to ensure compliance with our supplier code of conduct and ethical trading policy. These policies coincides with the UN Global Compact’s 10th Principle of anti-corruption by requiring ethical business practices across our supply chain. Ethics and Integrity set forth by INDEVCO’s Group founder, the late Georges N. Frem, INDEVCO’s community-centered philosophy and timeless values have served as guiding pillars for the group since our beginning. With a philosophy that focuses predominantly on identifying and resolving community social and economic needs, sustainability by essence is embedded in the group’s culture. To uphold ethical business, INDEVCO Audit Department evaluates business units, divisions, and departments worldwide through scheduled and surprise audits. The department ensures implementation of required policies and procedures and identification of misconduct and violations of group policies, regulations, and international standards. More information about the implementation of ESG and our related reports you may find at INDEVCO Global Sustainability Portal.