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About Us

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UNIPAKHELLAS S.A. is an international entity and integral member of INDEVCO Group, a multinational parent company renowned for its diversified manufacturing, technical expertise, and consultancy services. Since our establishment in 2008, we have maintained a prominent position in the paper and packaging industry. As an integrated company, we specialize in the production of recycled containerboard and a diverse range of corrugated packaging solutions tailored to the needs of the European and Mediterranean markets.

UNIPAKHELLAS S.A. operates multiple facilities across Greece, strategically located in Athens, Pelagsia, Thiva, Thessaloniki, Korinthos, and Crete, covering a total of 240,000 square meters.

Our diverse product portfolio includes recycled containerboard, from high-performance and regular fluting to Testliner paper, and innovative packaging solutions for the agricultural and industrial sectors, from high-quality trays with high-resolution graphics to a broad selection of sustainable and recyclable promotional, shipping, and catering boxes.

Our belief in environmental initiatives, our commitment to a circular economy, and our creative and environmentally friendly solutions give us clear economic and competitive advantages across across Greece and the broader European markets, and make us one of the leaders in the containerboard and corrugated packaging industry.

We Are Equipped for You

Here at UNIPKHELLAS, we develop high-quality, creative, and sustainable packaging solutions tailored to your every need. We’re constantly improving and revolutionising our products, processes, and services to ensure that we meet your specific requirements every time.

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