Corrugated Cardboard, the “Natural Circular Economy Champion”

Corrugated Cardboard, the “Natural Circular Economy Champion”

May 26, 2021

By now, you’re probably more familiar with the importance of corrugated cardboard packaging in the circular economy, but we keep stumbling upon more reasons that make it the ultimate bio-based and biodegradable packaging solution.

Deemed “The Natural Champion of the Circular Economy”, corrugated packaging is one of the most recycled paper products in practice today, providing 89% of the raw material for new boxes to be made, thus ensuring the continuity of the fibers used in practice, and ultimately contributing to the economy.

What made cardboard truly earn this title?

For starters, it’s bio-based, renewable, and easy to recycle! Made from natural materials including fibers that stem from renewable sources, and ultimately help to preserve natural resources for current and upcoming generations.

Corrugated packaging also reduces food waste by preventing contamination and spoilage that usually occurs in other types of packaging that are not suitable for fresh produce.

Most importantly, we’ve seen cardboard boxes continue to be of great use even after they’ve served their initial purpose. Whether used for storage, or carrying heavy items from one place to another, its natural eco-design feature offers endless design possibilities, folding easily and saving storage space.

Lives with nature, sourced by nature, circular by nature.