When the request for humanitarian aid from Stylis Municipality came in, our team in the Pelasgia premises assured Mayor Virginia Stergiou, that UNIPAKHELLAS would be up for help. After all, we take the words of the late founder of INDEVCO group, Mr. George Frem to heart: “What is good for the community is good for the company”.

Continuing a series of donations to the Stylis Municipality, and in an effort to secure the wellbeing and comfort of the less fortunate citizens during the holiday season, UNIPAK HELLAS took the initiative to provide the needed funds to purchase generous food donations. In collaboration with public workers, the foodstuff was distributed to families and individuals in vulnerable groups bringing warmth and care to their homes during the blessed holiday season.

UNIPAKHELLAS encourages all initiatives and requests that lead to a positive social impact. Our operation is driven from our philosophy to become an active part of the communities we live in. We aim to make a significant change in people’s lives, not only through our core business and our sustainable growth, but also through our substantial response to everyday needs. Therefore, we build constructive relationships with each community, strengthen engagement, and create long-term bonds that matter.

Our local community and its prosperity are important to us, as they are a key part of our operation. Raising the living standards through acts of kindness brings value to our business and joy to our hearts. UNIPAKHELLAS is grateful for the opportunities and support of the community it serves and is always committed to stay close to those who need a helping hand, providing and caring for a thriving community.