UNIPAKHELLAS Inaugurates a Major Sustainable Manufacturing Project in Fthiotida

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UNIPAKHELLAS Inaugurates a Major Sustainable Manufacturing Project in Fthiotida

UNIPAKHELLAS Inaugurates a Major Sustainable Manufacturing Project in Fthiotida

November 3, 2023

A New Paper Mill to Revolutionize Greece’s Paper Recycling Efforts and Promote Green Growth

UNIPAKHELLAS, member of INDEVCO Group, is stepping into a new era of sustainable manufacturing with the inauguration of its state-of-the-art paper mill in Pelasgia of Fthiotida. This great expansion is set to redefine recycling standards in Greece, aiming to process 40% of the country’s corrugated packaging wastepaper and bolstering the principles of circular economy. The event was not just an occasion for the company but also a testament to UNIPAKHELLAS’s dedication to responsible manufacturing and environmental stewardship.

Contribution to Growth

The expansion of UNIPAKHELLAS’s facility in Fthiotida is another essential stride in sustainable manufacturing, as well as a vote of confidence in the Greek market, enhancing the company’s production capacity but also generating new employment opportunities for the local community.

This latest project further establishes Greece as the heart of INDEVCO Group’s European activities. With the introduction of the new PM5, UNIPAKHELLAS will not only better meet the demands of the domestic market but will serve regional markets and the Group’s subsidiaries worldwide. It is a significant step in vertical integration that will enhance the company’s ability to offer a wide range of innovative and sustainable packaging solutions.


Leading the Greek paper packaging sector in Sustainable Production

The cutting-edge technology employed by the new paper mill allows for the production of more efficient and higher-quality containerboard, exclusively from 100% wastepaper. This will substantially reduce the environmental footprint, setting the stage for UNIPAKHELLAS to adopt an even more eco-friendly production process. It also reaffirms the company’s solid commitment to responsible manufacturing and greener growth.


The Inauguration

The inauguration of the new paper mill took place on Monday, October 2, and was graced by the presence of distinguished guests. The Chairman & CEO of INDEVCO Group, Mr. Neemat Frem, and the Chairman & CEO of INDEVCO Group Hellas, Mr. Fayssal Frem, along with members of the Group’s Board of Directors, were among the esteemed attendees.

The event was also honored by the presence of Mr. Staikouras, the Minister of Infrastructure & Transport, Mr. Oikonomou, the Minister of Citizen Protection, Mr. Kotronias, the MP for Fthiotida, Mr. Sanidas, the Deputy Governor of Fthiotida, Mrs. Stergiou, the Mayor of Stylida, and his Eminence Metropolitis of Fthiotida, Simeon.

His Eminence Bishop of Fthiotida, Symeon, praised UNIPAKHELLAS for its positive contribution to the region and highlighted the trust the company has shown in Greece and especially in the Fthiotida region.

Mr. Christos Staikouras, Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, expressed his delight in attending the inauguration ceremony and commended UNIPAKHELLAS for its continuous developments in the green sector, despite the challenges of the past years. He praised the company’s stable trust in Greece and encouraged further investments that create jobs and enhance corporate social responsibility.

Mr. Giannis Oikonomou, Minister of Citizen Protection, also extended his appreciation to the Frem family and thanked them for their great project and the new job opportunities it has created in the Fthiotida region. He embraced the company’s principles and values and recognized the employees as ambassadors of positive change.


The Vision and Confidence of INDEVCO

In their speeches Mr. Neemat Frem and Mr. Fayssal Frem highlighted the trust the company shows in Greece and its willingness to Unleash the Potential of its workforce and Shape the Future of the area.

Mr. Neemat Frem, INDEVCO Group’s Chairman and CEO, reiterated the group’s founding philosophy: “What is good for the community is good for the company” and emphasized the value of the investment for both the company and the country. He also reaffirmed the Group’s faith in UNIPAKHELLAS’ success as well as in Greece and its talented workforce.

Mr. Fayssal Frem, INDEVCO Group Hellas CEO, expressed his gratitude to the Government and local authorities for their support. He also underlined the importance for the company of making business decisions that benefit not only itself but also the communities it operates in. The new paper mill, as he stated, creates new jobs for the region and contributes to the development of Fthiotida while marking a new chapter for UNIPAKHELLAS and the Greek packaging sector.

This milestone event marks a bright future for UNIPAKHELLAS and the sustainable manufacturing landscape in Greece. It is proof that the company consistently supports responsible production, environmental sustainability, and the welfare of the local community.

UNIPAKHELLAS and INDEVCO Group have once again set the bar high, showing the way forward towards a greener and more prosperous Greek paper packaging sector.