UNIPAKHELLAS Introduces Rhinopak: The New Enhanced Board Structure

UNIPAKHELLAS Introduces Rhinopak: The New Enhanced Board Structure


When it comes to shipping your valuable or fragile products, it is important to use packaging that can withstand the troubles of transport. That is why UNIPAKHELLAS is introducing “Rhinopak”, a new enhanced heavy-duty structure of corrugated packaging specifically designed to provide optimal protection for items during transit, ensuring they reach their destination intact.

So, what makes Rhinopak the ideal choice for items that require extra protection?

Strength and Durability

Rhinopak is manufactured using thicker and stronger materials and fluting with up to 12mm in thickness, up to 1,800 GSM, and achieving up to 30KN/m ECT. The improved structure, with its composition of extremely high grammage of Virgin Kraft liner and the possibility to incorporate up to 3 layers of Semi-chemical Fluting paper, enables the packaging to withstand high compression forces, preventing items from being crushed or damaged during transit.

Flexibility all around

Rhinopak boxes are strong yet easy to fold. They can be created to accommodate your specific needs and bring the ideal level of protection required. With multiple fluting profiles available at UNIPAKHELLAS, A, B, C, and E, and T-flute, Rhinopak fluting combinations can tremendously vary from CBA, CCA, BCA, CT, BT, TB, and so much more.


In conclusion, Rhinopak is ideal for businesses looking to ship items that require extra protection. Its strength and durability, customizability, and flexibility make it the perfect solution for both businesses and end-customers alike. Be sure to choose the right kind of heavy-duty packaging to ensure your item arrives safely at its destination. Be sure to choose Rhinopak.

Check out the video to know more about Rhinopak.