UNIPAKHELLAS Central renews Tuv Nord – FSC® certification

What better way to venture into 2022, than with  another commitment to excellence proven by Unipakhellas’ Central  maintenance of the FSC® chain of Custody certification standard.

Maintained for the 2nd year, the FSC-COC is a globally recognized certification that ensures that UNIPAK Hellas Central FSC products are made from materials produced from recyclable and recycled materials, which guarantees environmental, social and economic benefits.

Assuming our vital role in the sustainability initiatives, we’ve always wholeheartedly supported the circular economy in our production facilities, aiming at reducing and eliminating waste and advocating for the reuse of materials.

In summary, partners, brands, and consumers can rest assured that they are making the right choice when buying our responsibly sourced packaging products.

Together for an environmentally responsible commitment!

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